Birth Planning: Planning Your Birth Your Way!

Planning your birth can be a very joyous, but stressful experience. You are worried about if you are making the right decisions. Second guessing if you are doing the right or wrong things by speaking up about what it is you want and desire to accomplish in your birthing experience. 

It's OK Mama! We've all been there. 

We go in to the birthing experience, especially first time moms, with little to no knowledge. We just accept our providers care is going to be acceptable and provided with honesty, compassion, and concern in a professional and ethical manner. 

Let's be honest here. We have all had a not so great experience with a healthcare provider. Either it was their lack of good bedside manner, outdated information or healthcare knowledge, or simply a personal bias and bad medical advice on topics and areas they have little to no expertise or business giving. Particularly as it relates to breastfeeding and those most important first few hours after delivery.

That's where the well crafted Birth Plan comes in to play. We want you to be empowered, knowledgeable, and confident in the outcome of your labor and delivery. 

Birth planning allows you to have a higher level of preparedness by having those important questions detailed out that you maybe to overwhelmed, excited, or too exhausted to ask during the big moment. It allows you to outline and define your expectations, address areas of concern, and helps you to better communicate to your birth team.

So relax, sit back, grab a cup of Melanin Naturals Herbal Pregnancy Tea, and download our FREE Birth Plan to get started.

Don't forget to comeback after the big day and share with us how our Birth Plan helped you have an Empowering Birthing Experience! 

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